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What does Lopez look like without Jennifer makeup? A brief biography and filmography of the stars
Jay Law belongs to the category of all-inclusive women. He plays in movies, sings and still does your job well. Announcing the star’s furious popularity, her fans and fans alike are wondering how to dress Lopez Jennifer: without makeup, the actress captures attention. So how did Jay Law reach the pedestal of the stars and how much was he able to show his talent?


Jennifer height, weight, body parameters, age …
Jennifer has a classic Spanish look. This famous Hollywood diva is interesting for many fans of the world. Age: 48 years (as of February 2018)
Weight: 56 kg
Height: 167 cm
Dimensions: 88 – 63 – 96
Foot size: 39


Jennifer follows healthy rules, she does not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Massage sessions are the best way to get rid of stress. His body shapes are a constant controversy, however, he was born, nature gave him beautiful lines of the figure.

Jennifer Lopez, weight, height, shape options
Jennifer was born and raised in the Bronx, in the impoverished New York region, in the family of Guelle Rodriguez and David Lopez of Puerto Rico. She has two sisters, one is journalist Linda Lopez. Jennifer spent her childhood on one of the streets, bought a note – on Black Rock Avenue. Lopez’s secondary education for a girl in a Catholic school. From childhood he was engaged in singing and choreography in a special institution.

Lopez Jennifer Lynn: Options and Biography
Lopez Jennifer Lynn was born in July 1969, the 24th day in the Bronx. At this time, height 167 cm, weight 54 kg. Bust parameters and dimensions (membrane): chest volume 94 cm, waist volume 58 cm, thigh size 96 cm. Foot shoe size 39. Eye color brown. Hair color is light brown. Catholic. Although in 2006 Jefferfer and her then-husband Anthony confirmed that it was unconfirmed, so scientists began section materials.

Created at a high level and weight is Jay Law.
Jennifer Lynn Lopez is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer and business woman. Lopez is the unit of his generation – one of the most successful singers; One of the highest paid Hollywood actor and talented businessman, he was able to turn his popularity into a successful brand J.Lo; In addition, she is one of the richest women in show business and one of the most influential Hispanic figures in the world.

Jennifer Rising
Let’s talk about the actress and singer, Jennifer – her childhood, adulthood, film and music career. At the end of the note, we announced the parameters of her figure – weight, height, etc., Jennifer was born and raised in one of the poorest districts of New York. She went to Catholic school to study and in parallel with her studies she studied dance and music.

Jennifer Lopez height and weight, body parameters, breast size
Jennifer Lopez (Lopez Possible Spell) is an American singer and actress who has repeatedly been included in the list of the most beautiful women on the planet. It is generally believed that Jay Lo (he as journalists call him) is Spanish, and this may help to state correctly only if you consider that his parents use Puerto Rican. So he was born in the rather poor part of New York, in the Bronx, where he spent his childhood.

Jennifer Lopez weight gain
Information about Jennifer Lopez about weight gain is not a secret, but most people think it is not entirely true. Only with weight. Experts suspect that the singer and his team significantly reduce the figure, because the stars do not look like a feather in only the fifth point. We have selected the best option of all the proposed, but there is also doubt about that.

The ideal figure in 48: How Jennifer manages to get younger every year
Jennifer Lopez Daily exercise, a healthy diet, a desire to stay healthy and happy is what makes Jennifer Lopez age every year. Today the star is 48 years old, he has already celebrated his birthday at least in a dress with his beloved woman. We are told how the lops manage to stay in shape and tremble on the bump.

How to lose weight Jennifer Lopez?
Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) – photos of the famous actress and producer, setting, height and weight. Born July 24, 1969 in Bronx, New York (USA). Throughout his professional career, he has starred in 144 films. The first wide-screen appearance occurred in 1986. Jennifer Lopez has refrained from experimenting in genres such as drama, comedy and melodrama.

Jennifer Lopez weight gain
From the interview of Jennifer Lopez: “My height is 167 cm, weight 55 kg: I am not thin and not fat – I’m normal. That’s why men like me and women like to be compared to me. Jennifer Lopez’s body parameters: chest size – 94 cm, waist circumference – 66 cm, thigh size – 102 cm.

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