The oldest dishes in the world


1-Stick meat (kebab) – There were no dishes in the Stone Age, no, and the primitives wanted to serve food deliciously. They used melted stones to keep the fire burning.

2-Chichri powder – As it turned out, this dish was still known in the Neolithic era. Clay utensils were already needed for cooking. Nettle was added to flour, green onions, grandfather’s leaves and gholo leaves.

3-Meat Pudding – Researchers believe that to get a real raw dish, you do not need to use utensils, but lamb or bull intestine. The main ingredients are meat, fat, lungs and lamb heart. The whole cooking procedure takes 7 hours.

The recipe for 4-Neanderthal ragout has not changed at all for thousands of years. The ingredients are the same: bison meat, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, various spices and more.

5-Sweet Bread Nuts-Bread flour, nuts and honey were mixed in a certain proportion, formed into a crown during baking and then left in the air for 40 minutes. Then the ancient baking technique was added – melted stones.

Exactly the same way the bread was baked with stones by the ancient Egyptians, although with the difference that the Egyptians made bread in a clay pot with a special characteristic form, which was an expression of pure, sacred thought.

6-Salted (dried) fish – In ancient Egypt, ordinary people, unlike the rich, ate mainly bread, vegetables and fish. The ancient Egyptians put fish in the sun and added salt.

7-Mersu or Ranginakh – An ancient recipe that was consumed from Assyria to Babylon, now this dish is called Ranginakh in Iran. Date and walnut pie. Figs, apples, cheese and wine were also added as ingredients.

8-Garumi-one of the most popular dishes in the Roman Empire.Fish sauce.Mixed with puree or flav.

9-Millet porridge with milk – As far back as 5,000 BC, millet was boiled in northern China, to which milk and cream were added. The southern Chinese made the same dish, only from rice.

Tina Smith

Tina Smith

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