how to quit your job and when do you it?

quit job

Today it is very difficult to quit your job.
In the 21st century when there is no way for people to live and be completely dependent on government. Therefore, the more developed a country is, the higher the competition and the lower the birth rate. With so much competition, deciding to quit your job one day is a big risk, but sometimes you try to win more.
In what cases should you leave your job? When you work in a busy mode and your boss is too strict with you? If you think that for years you have been in the same place in terms of development and you can not move forward. If you think you have lost time and your limit and opportunities have expired in this case. At this time you have to take a risk and quit your job .. Risk promises you to act, gained a lot of experience, in a stressful and unsuitable moment. You need to get out of the comfort zone on which you are so dependent.
Being in the same place means going backwards. So quitting your job, for this reason, is one step towards success.
quit a job

Do it
If you think asking for a leave of absence, flexible schedule or severance is risky, so is leaving without a job. If you are going to leave anyway, ask for what you need. You can quit if they say No, but if they say Yes, you get time off paid.
Think about yourself first. Do what you really love. When you choose the wrong job, you will always have problems and worry about whether to quit your job. Think about what you would do that you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life and not get bored.
good luck . Your life, your job, even your own family is your choice.

Tina Smith

Tina Smith

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