Dangerous Side Effects Of hair Dye


Millions of people all over the world get dyed in different colors to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Now, men are also resorting to hair coloring experiments.

They usually do this to look more attractive and stylish. Most women think that determines almost their entire appearance.Still, few if any know that the paint has many side effects.
Signs and symptoms of dye damage do not appear to the believer. The process can take several days or weeks.
Here are the side effects of hair dye:


  1. Allergy
    Your skin may be against it. The dye may periodically cause an allergic reaction.

In fact, the main culprit is a substance known as paraphenylenediamine.

The most common signs are: itching of the scalp, redness, swelling, a small amount of dandruff, swelling around the eyes and eyelids, as well as itching of the skin around the eyes, nose and scalp.


  1. Hair breakage
    If you have been dyeing your hair for a long time, be prepared that it will be damaged by a substance that contains a lot of dye.

This chemical removes moisture from the hair, making it dry and brittle.

As a result, the hair loses its shine and strength. Also, you will have to say goodbye to long curls at the end, because the most famous method of solving the problem is a hairstyle. Sad but true.

  1. Irritation

Many people do not think so, but dye causes skin reaction and irritation. Some of the signs are: burning, redness and peeling of the skin, as well as itching and discomfort.

You should have the test done at least 48 hours before it coloring. Apply a very small amount of paint on your hands and make sure you do not have any allergic reactions and irritation.

Stop using hair dye on any small reactions. See a dermatologist if the itching and redness do not go away.

  1. Tumor
    Many laboratory experiments have shown that paraphenylenediamine damages human DNA at the cellular level and causes cancer.

Small amounts of paraphenylenediamine are found in most hair dyes. In fact, it has caused some controversy among researchers.

Nevertheless, the American Cancer Society is firmly convinced that further research is needed before conclusions can be drawn.

Resorcinol is another well-known chemical found in hair dye. It is known as an “endocrine destroyer” and may increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

  1. Rash

It is known that many people who are allergic to hair dye suffer from scalp rashes.

The rash appears in the area where the dye is applied and spread. In case of such a problem, consult a dermatologist immediately to avoid further complications.

  1. Asthma
    Many studies show that hairdressers who dye their clients’ hair frequently suffer from asthma.

This is the result of continuous exposure to paraffin lendamine, which can be found in hair dye as well as persulfate, which is used in some bleaches.

  1. Hidden costs

Some hair dyes can really leave you with an empty wallet.

To avoid this, ask the stylist for advice on whether the product is worth the price. Be prudent and careful when buying hair dye. It has many side effects, so the appearance of attention will not be superfluous.

In short, take care not to pay too much for a fashionable “hatch”.

Tina Smith

Tina Smith

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