5 useful means of proper cleansing of the body.


For women who want to look full 100% body cleansing procedure should be as natural a process as brushing their teeth, since greasy junk food, taking pills, sedentary work – all this will definitely find reflection over time.

In order to look beautiful at any time of the year, cleansing procedures must be carried out immediately!

  1. Starve once a week. That is, eat solid food for 24 hours. You can drink water or unsweetened herbal tea. When the body is not supplied with food from outside, it begins to use internal resources. The main food is the deposits of useless substances accumulated in the body. Even our ancestors did not lie in vain to think of fasting to purify the soul and body.

Remember that a single starvation will not bring results. People who choose this method make it a way of life.

  1. Make okna. To do this, take 1-2 liters of boiled water. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The water should be warm so as not to burn or cool the large intestine. The best time to clean is 5-7 in the morning or before bed. Use only special tools to make Oknisi.

The use of ointment is not recommended more often than one procedure every 2-3 months, otherwise it may damage the intestinal microflora and cause dysbacteriosis.

  1. Use the advances in pharmacology. Grapefruit seed extract “Citrosept” can be used to cleanse the body.
    With its help you will first get rid of pathogenic microbes and microbes that nest and multiply in the body.
    For example, a Candida-like fungus that causes ulcers on the milk and lips, or a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori –
    which causes various allergies and stomach ulcers.

This extract not only fights microbes but also viruses such as herpes which cause rash on the face.
Citrosept is absolutely safe for the intestinal microflora, liver and kidneys.

To cleanse the intestines, add 10 drops of citrosept to any warm liquid and drink 3 times a day.
Admission course is 1 month.

In addition, citrosept contains a lot of naringinin – a plant flavonoid that accelerates the process of becoming.

  1. Eat bran. It is composed of 90% cells, which form a solid plug in the large intestine. This cork moves and clears the intestines of all accumulated junk.

How to prepare bran properly?
Take 100 grams of bran and pour 1 cup of boiled water. Cover with a lid and wait
15 minutes for it to simmer and cool. Serve 30 minutes before breakfast in the morning.
The course of treatment consists of 10 days. The procedure should be repeated every three months.

  1. Enjoy this cocktail – the dream of any gut. 1 peeled grapefruit + 1 cup of kefir with 1% fat + 1 cup of carbonated mineral water + 10 drops of citrosept.

Place this ingredient in a blender and blend.
What benefits will you get?
Kefir will replace harmful bacteria with beneficial ones. Grapefruit reduces the risk
of constipation, citrosept lowers blood cholesterol levels and improves metabolism.


Tina Smith

Tina Smith

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